Rafia Qasim Baig

she is a first beauty of kpk in Pakistan,who defused the bomb. She is  a brave female, joint the police force as castable. 29 year old rafia joined  the police force seven years ago.

She was the first female in kpk who joint the bomb disposal unit. She is belong to high educated family, she had a master degree of economic and international relation.  Since she was highly qualified, she received  so many jobs proposal  in companies , but she refuses all .

She believes that the police force is more then just a profession, as it’s  passion for those who have courage for serve their country land.

Rafia is not afraid to lose her life for their country land .

If kpk’s women are so passionate and daring over their country, imagin what courage and passion of male soldier possess. It’s a master of proud for our country..

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