Facts of life


Depression is the most and dangerous illness and treatable . If u have a depression  than u are not alone. Depression can happened on any age..mostly the teen age it’s begin or early age.


  • Feeling hopeless.
    Feeling sad or anxious.
    Low  interest.
    Feeling helpless.
    Low concentration.
    Oversleeping or lake of sleeping
  • Decrease energy
  • Weight changes.
  •  Restless.

Depression may occur with serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. Doctor experienced in treating these worst illnesses with the help of work out . Depression affects people in different ways. Some people experience few symptoms . Some have worst .

Men often experienced depression diffrently than women. Women with depression to have feeling of sadness,worthlessness and guilt, but men are more likely to have feelings of tired, lost interest  of joyful activities and lake of sleep.

Depression is treated with medicine and talk therapy…




A black hole is a place in space that forms when a really huge star collapse. Everything  in space around a black hole is sucked into it. The force of gravity in a black hole is very strong  that nothing can escape from it .

No one has ever seen a black hole,even astronauts cannot see them even with the most powerful telescope…it’s not it amazing..!!!


Coconut crabs:


Coconut crabs are the world largest arthropods. These hermit lived on island across the pacific ocean ,can weighted  upto  9 pound approximately 5 kg…coconut crabs can grow up to 1 meter in length.

These spices associated with a palm trees. Coconuts is not significant part of his diet.

Adult coconut crabs feed on fruits,nuts,coconuts ,insects but will eat other organic  matters.

Coconut crabs also called robber crab.



Everyone wants to be healthy in other ways,but we shouldn’t  plan to be fit.we knows healthy diet and some useful excercise makes our body healthy.

Healthy diet gives an important part of our healthy life, but we ignore it. Healthy life style makes us stress free. Every one has to deal with serious problems time to time,family trouble issues or heartbreak.

The body has a very physical response to stress. The diet and stress connected with each other, if your diet is not healthy  ,you are  easily connected with stress. Laughter is a natural remedy of relief stress.